Frame No 1316 Engine No Z2171 SOLD
This 1927 Scott Super Squirrel 3 speed was professionally restored by well known specialist bike restorers Tennant Eyles about 30 years ago. I have owned it since 1994 and it has been on display and not used since then. It  still looks immaculate but will obviously require some  recommissioning. It is one of the last Scotts with the iconic "biscuit tin" fuel tank.
Restoration notes indicate that the engine is probably from a later bike, the magneto is from a Scott stationery engine and lubrication is by drip feeds rather than the original Best and Loyd oil pump which was apparently inclined to starve one cylinder.
There is a buff log book for the original Southport registration number, a photocopied owners manual and a thick file of invoices and correspondence relating to the restoration. 

The posters visible in the photo are original Scott factory posters dating from about 1913 and are almost certainly unique. They came from the factory archives which were acquired with the Scott assets from the firms liquidators in 1950 by Matt Holder who continued to produce Scott motorcycles in small quantities untiul 1970. The posters could be purchased seperately.
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