Who are we?
Well - the intention is that serveral of us will co-oparate and provide interesting cars for sale. But in particular Charles Fripp and Alistair Hacking who have worked together over the last twenty years concentrating particularly on Jaguar XKs and more recently ACs and Bristols. For some background see below.

It is a great opportunity to savour short term alternative motor cars prior to selling them for someone else to indulge and enjoy. Our background may give you some insight into the pursuit of searching for, purchasing and ultimately selling these sort of cars.

Charles is in Somerset and Alistair in West Sussex but some of the cars are in Hampshire. For details of who to phone and where each car can be viewed go to the "click here for more pictures" link below the photo of the car on the Cars For Sale page and bring up the detailed page for the individual car.
Charles was brought up in a family of motoring enthusiasts. His father Archie had a passion for ACs and for more than 50 years his daily transport was a Thames Ditton AC. Charles first car was a 1936 AC 2-4-6 coupe which was restored over some fifteen years moving from house to house and spending time with many parts in boxes under beds. Later an AC 428 was used as everyday transport for seven years giving many passengers white knuckle rides before the onslaught of radar traps and speed cameras.

Whilst AC Acecas and Greyhounds came and went there were also MGs, Austin Healeys, Alfas and many others sporting machines before a serious involvement with Jaguar XKs began about 20 years ago. Athough and architecht by profession and an antique dealer by inclination Charles established Twyford Moors Garage at Twyford near Winchester to specialize in the restoration and sale of XKs. This grew into the present enterprise which is one of the leading single marque specialists in the UK.
Hugh Dibley in 49 VMT - believed to be at Snetterton in 1960
Twyford Moors built a series of very fast racing XKs - particularly remembered are the "Yellow"Peril" XK 120 roadster and the XK 150S Fixed Head well known as Goodwood. In earlier years a Camaro was a long term favourite at a time when American cars were not as common on the historic racing scene as they are nowadays.
Charles in 49 VMT at 2005 Goodwood Revival Meeting

Having concentrated for many years on Jaguar XKs and with Twyford Moors in new ownership it seemed a natural progression to involve ourselves with other interesting motor cars and in particular to continue the family tradition of enthusiasm for ACs.
Jaguar XK 150 3.8S - Goodwood Revival
Jaguar Mk V11 - Goodwood Revival
The Yellow Peril racing in the XK Series
Alistair has had a passion for cars since early childhood with a tradition of enthusiasm for fine motor cars on both sides of the family. Albums from the late 1920s show a Weymann bodies 6 1/2 litre Bentley on one side and a 40 hp Lanchester on the other. And SSs then a succession of Jaguars as family cars fondly remembered - including driving lessons on a Cotswold Blue Mark 1 3.4. Nowadays a Jaguar would not be considered a suitable car for driving lessons but in those days it did not seem remotely strange to be learning to drive on the family car.
Alistair has a particular interest in the early years of the Scottish motor industry and has had examples of veteran Arrol-Johnson, Argyll and Albion in his collection. After 25 Brighton runs in a 1902 solid tyred Arrol-Johnston dogcart his current Brighton car is positively luxurious by comparison - a 1904 Argyll with both screen and hood.